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Frantic is a first-of-it's kind shopping app that's designed exclusively for fashion retailers. If your brand is accepted, your products will be displayed to nearby street shoppers who are using Frantic. It's the ideal way to promote your brand, and bring more customers into your shops.

Get onto Frantic

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Display your products to nearby customers

Perhaps the greatest value of our service can offer you as a retailer is the ability to display your products to potential customers who are already nearby your shops.

Manage all your shops and products online

Manage all your shops and products online using any device through a smooth and easy to use interface. You can even Bulk import products from your Google shopping feed.

Listing is free of charge

It costs you nothing to list your products on Frantic, and there are no hidden costs. In the future we may charge retailers for our service, but it's absoloutely free for early adopters.

Get on the map

If your brand is accepted all your shops will be displayed on our ever growing map of the hottest boutiques is Sydney Paris and New York.

Gain publicity and recognition

Frantic is an exclusive platform with strict quality standards. Be associated with the biggest names in world fashion by getting listed on Frantic.

Get analytics and trend reports

Detailed analytics and statistics for each of your products and shops enable you to make informed data-driven marketing decisions based on current trends.

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